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Halpe Pure Green 25 Teabags | Ceylon Tea  Store

Halpe Pure Green 25 Teabags

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  • Green teas, the earliest form of tea, are processed without oxidation.
  • The Green Tea that we offer is a mid elevation tea, the climatic conditions in this region are balanced, resulting in a clean cup with a stimulating aroma and flavour in taste.
  • It’s a refreshing drink prized for centuries for their health benefits.
  • Green teas are an excellent choice as a relaxing afternoon cup.
  • 25 Teabags
  • Ingredients: 100% Pure Ceylon Green tea.

How to Brew

  • Recommended to use spring water
  • Water temperature: 95˚C –100˚C
  • 1 Teabag per person
  • 220ml of water per person
  • Brew time 3 - 5 Minutes
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