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Lumbini Dalu Pure Ceylon Premimum 100 tea bags | Ceylon Tea Store

Lumbini Dalu Pure Ceylon Premium 100 Tea Bags - BOPF

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  • This bright full bodied broken orange pekoe fanning (BOPF) tea is uniquely crafted by Dalu master tea makers at the Lumbini Valley, using our own selectively handpicked garden fresh green tea leaves to induce the typical rainforest floral honey note with a reddish cup.
  • This tea can be brewed straight or with milk and honey. 
  • Cup Colour: Medium bodied bright tea with a reddish colour.
  • Taste: Bright Coppery
  • Strength: Strong 
  • Ingredients: Pure Ceylon Tea 100% from Camellia Sinensis

How to Brew

  • Recommended to use spring water
  • Water temperature: 100˚C
  • 1 tea bag per person
  • 150ml of water per cup
  • Brew time 3 - 5 minutes
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