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Basilur Strawberry & Cream - Ruhunu Tea Caddy, Ceylon Tea Store, Ceylon Tea

Basilur Strawberry & Cream - Ruhunu Tea Caddy

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  • This unique collection consists of two of exclusively blended teas in metal caddies. The top part contains a composition of Ceylon tea with colourful petals and slices of fruits. The bottom contains natural Ceylon tea without additives. Packed in flavour-sealed foil pouches with zipper-top layer 50g net and bottom layer 75g net.


  • Combining the natural strawberry & papaya fruits and rosehip with the sweet & luscious flavour of strawberry and cream together with bright Ceylon black tea; this is an unforgettable treat. A delicious fruit tisane that is full bodied and refreshing.


  • The rich caramel flavour is the characteristic of these long wiry leaves of Basilur Ruhunu tea made by the Island’s purest river waters.
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