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Giri Ceylon Breakfast Tea 100 bag | Ceylon Tea Store

Giri Ceylon Breakfast Tea 100 bag

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  • Pure unblended single origin tea from the valleys of Ceylon.
  • Single origin Ceylon high-grown tea leaves are selectively handpicked from the spectacular Dimbula Valley. 
  • The lush tea tapestry is draped around mountains surrounded by a thick forest ring of Horton Plains, Kikiliyamana and Adams Peak where the crisp clean air wafts in abundance. 
  • Giri's signature single origin unblended Ceylon Breakfast tea is picked by Giri's master tea tasters to enhance the brisk, full-bodied, bright Dimbula Valley character.
  • Cup Colour: Bright brick colour with a golden hue
  • Taste: Brisk full-bodied tea with a hint of forest flower note
  • Strength: Strong 
  • Ingredients: Pure Ceylon Tea 100% from Camellia Sinensis

How to Brew

  • Recommended to use spring water
  • Water temperature: 100˚C
  • 1 tea bag per person
  • 150ml of water per cup
  • Brew time 3 - 5 minutes
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