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Halpé Exceptional Tea Collection. 4 in 1 Gift Pack

Halpe Exceptional Tea Collection. 4 in 1 Gift Pack

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  • English Breakfast, Royal Earl Grey, Ceylon Chai, Jasmine Green Tea
  • English Breakfast - English Breakfast tea is one of the most traditional blends of tea hailing from Ceylon. Bright, full-bodied and bursting with flavour; English breakfast is not only a perfect accompaniment for a fulfilling breakfast but is also a perfect hot beverage to sweep-away the blues at any time of day. This elegant, time-honoured classic range of English Breakfast reveals the signature, deluxe notes of the taste of Ceylon high–grown tea; world-renowned for its refined taste and premium quality.
  • Ingredients: Pure Ceylon Black Tea FBOP Grade 
  • Royal Earl Grey - Halpé blend of Earl Grey is a combination of the finest black tea with the distinctive taste. A taste fits for royalty; the unconventional mix brings together two of nature’s most unique flavours, presenting to you an unsurpassed experience of tea. Produced to the highest standard of quality and detail under the skilful supervision of experts, Halpé Royal Earl Grey assures a deluxe tea experience.
  • Ingredients:  Pure Ceylon Black Tea with Bergamot Flavour
  • Ceylon Chai - Chai Tea is made of Black tea infused with a rich combination of herbs. A powerful blend of tea, herbs and spices, Chai Tea has been cherished for centuries in South Asia to preserve health and increase peace of mind. In addition to improving digestion, Chai is known to enhance the immune system, fight inflammation and to have antioxidant properties. Halpé blend of Ceylon Chai is made of FBOP graded black Ceylon tea leaves infused with a mix of Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves and Black Pepper. Ceylon Chai is best consumed as a hot beverage and it offers a wholesome tea experience filled with fusion and energy.
  • Ingredients: Pure Ceylon Black Tea with Ceylon Natural Spices  
  • Jasmine Green Tea - Halpé Jasmine Green Tea will soothe the body, mind and soul; making it an excellent indulgence for a healthy day and a good night’s sleep. Known as ‘Mistress of the Night,' Jasmine is a flower that has a powerful, exotic scent. Halpé blend of Jasmine infused Green tea combines the well-known health-giving properties of Green Tea with the uplifting scent of Jasmine to offer a healthy, mystical tea experience.
  • Ingredients: Pure Ceylon Green Tea with Jasmine Flavour
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